Two thirds of the world’s people live in poverty.  For one third, subsistence itself is under constant threat.  The Center for Business and Global Poverty has, therefore, a critical and compelling mission: to help business embrace its central role in addressing chronic poverty across the globe.

Specifically, the Center helps forge connections between business engines and the poor. It does so by consulting to three client audiences:

  • Enlightened businesses wanting to see their economic engines help address poverty. We work with business leaders, and with internal champions looking to move their organizations toward a more progressive understanding of their responsibility toward the poor.
  • Poverty-focused NGO’s looking to creatively link businesses with their work.  We help NGO’s connect to the funding capacity of businesses, and help them shape programs that better invite the participation and partnership of the business community.
  • Churches who believe their mission includes a responsibility to the poor and marginalized.  We help them develop a vision, and a plan, for connecting the economic engines of their business members with the church’s ministry on behalf of the poor.

The Center also works as an advocate for what we believe will be a defining element of the 21st century social landscape: the growing view that businesses have a moral responsibility to see that their economic engines benefit the poor.  The Center for Business and Global Poverty is helping drive that overdue consensus.