. . . to the Center for Business and Global Poverty.

Poverty is, at its essence, the absence of wealth and opportunity.  Business is the engine that generates wealth and opportunity.  There is, therefore, no solution to chronic poverty without business doing what only it can do — enlarging the wealth and opportunity resources of individuals, communities, and of society as a whole.

But the old paradigm — the idea that business can narrowly pursue its own economic advantage and somehow the poor will prosper by osmosis — that old paradigm is no longer credible.  Society increasingly views this as simply a rationalization for business selfishness, and a smokescreen for behavior that is socially unacceptable.

Today, reputable businesses are expected to acknowledge and address a moral obligation — and a compelling upside opportunity — to forge creative connections between their economic engines and the poor.  The Center for Business and Global Poverty exists to help forge those connections.